Firefighters' multitask training comes to play during crash

Firefighters must be prepared for every scenario on any given call. That training paid off Sunday when firefighters responded to a medical call that resulted in a crash, with an electrical hazard and grass fire. 

Robbins Fire and Rescue Department, Moore County EMS, Moore County Sheriff’s Department, and State Highway Patrol responded to the scene in the 300 block of Plank Road in Robbins.

Highway Patrol said a man had a medical episode and passed out while driving. The car went left of center and off the road, where it hit a pole before the car came to rest in a cornfield. 

The collision with the pole resulted in the pole snapping and coming out of the ground. No lines fell in the wreck. 

Firefighters' multitask training comes to play crash

Firefighters assisted the victim until EMS arrived while extinguishing a small brush fire. The man was the only occupant in the vehicle and suffered minor injuries. 

Plank Road was brought to one lane for some time while the fire was being extinguished and repairs were made to the pole.

Sandhills_Sentinel~Article and photos by Sandhills Sentinel reporter Curtis Self.

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