Sierra Kathleen Henderson Ashburn

A former Pinebluff woman was found murdered at her home in Mount Airy Wednesday, and her boyfriend has been charged in the murder.

Authorities arrested Brandon Thomas Shaw, 35, for the murder of Sierra Kathleen Henderson Ashburn, 28.

Ashburn lived in Pinebluff until 2018, when she divorced and relocated to Mount Airy. She previously worked at Aberdeen PetSmart as a groomer.

Facebook was filled with posts asking people to share in hopes of locating her after she was reported missing. Many of her local friends had shared those posts, only to later hear the devastating news of Shaw’s arrest and her murder.

The Surry County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement that Shaw reported Ashburn missing early Wednesday morning, then provided investigators with information that led them to her body buried on his property.

Officials said Ashburn died following an argument with Shaw, but did not comment further on the circumstances. Shaw was booked into jail without bond.

Ashburn had many friends in Moore County.

“She was like one of my own children.” said friend, Cari Williams. “She was part of the family. She was amazing, giving, and a loving person. I’m shocked someone could do this. She was the best person and a great mom.”

Her friend Micah Pridgen told Sandhills Sentinel, “I’m devastated and shocked, she was like a little sister to me. I feel the most for her son, who now has to grow up without a mother. She was the friendliest person you would ever meet.”

According to the Surry County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page, the murder is being investigated by the Surry County Sheriff’s Office and the State Bureau of Investigation.

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Photo via Facebook.

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