Governor Roy Cooper kicked off a school supply drive Thursday to collect supplies for North Carolina teachers and students for the 2018-19 school year.

The 2nd Annual Governor’s School Supply Drive is from July 30 – August 18 and is looking for items such as paper of all types, pens and pencils, USB flash drives, dry erase markers, spiral notebooks, sanitizing wipes and tissues.

At the kick off event in Charlotte and Henderson, Cooper announced teachers spend about $500 of their own money on supplies for their classrooms each year.

“Teachers shouldn’t have to dip into their own pockets to cover the cost of classroom supplies that their students need to learn,” said Gov. Cooper. “One day we’re going to convince the legislature to make a greater investment in public schools, but until then, we want to do everything we can to get students and teachers the supplies they need for a successful school year.”

Gov. Cooper said his proposed budget the last two years have included a $150 annual school supply stipend for each state teacher to offset the cost of purchasing supplies, but The North Carolina General Assembly did not include the teacher supply stipend in their budgets.

Donation bins will be available in state government buildings in Raleigh, businesses that partner with the North Carolina Business Committee on Education, and all SECU branch buildings across North Carolina.

There is a SECU branch in Southern Pines on 10955 U.S. Hwy 15/501 and 160 Savannah Garden Drive in Carthage.

North Carolinians can organize a drive at thier own workplaces using the school supply drive kit. The kit that includes instructions for supply collection can be found HERE.

“When you’re shopping for your family’s school supplies, consider purchasing an additional item from our supply list and donating it at a drop off location,” Gov. Cooper said. “Businesses can also get involved by downloading our School Supply Drive Kit and collecting supplies in your workplace.”

As the drive wraps up, North Carolina communities and schools, as well as AmeriCorps volunteers, will distribute the supplies to classrooms across the state.




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