'Health care in your own hands' at Pinehurst Diagnostic Ultrasound

Owner of both Pinehurst Diagnostic Ultrasound and Lil Bo Peep Ultrasound Clinic, registered diagnostic medical sonographer Cathy Stanley —or simply “Cat” as she likes to be called—believes in bringing affordable, accessible, “no frills” health care to her patients and putting their health in their own hands.

“My main goal is to offer people accessible health care without jumping through hoops,” explained Cat. “I want to give people knowledge about their own health at affordable, accessible prices.”

Cat has called the Sandhills home all her life and lives in Foxfire. As such, she’s deeply committed to helping the community and ensuring everyone who comes to her receives the help they deserve.

“In these past few years, I’ve saved some lives,” said Cat. She recounted several instances of detecting cancer early enough to be treated, and a more recent encounter when she helped save an unborn child suffering from a dangerous lack of fluid. “It’s very rewarding; I love what I do. I want to help the community more.”

'Health care in your own hands' Pinehurst Diagnostic Ultrasound

Lobby of Pinehurst Diagnostic Ultrasound and Lil Bo Peep Ultrasound Clinic. Photo Abegail Murphy/Sandhills Sentinel.

According to Cat, Pinehurst Diagnostic Ultrasound offers noninvasive tests that go beyond normal health care screenings. The team can screen for cardiovascular disease, stroke assessment risk, tumors and growths, plaque buildup, and much more. Further, common requests include checking for liver problems, hernias, aneurysms, thyroid panels, heart disease, and even routine blood work. Cat describes the work as being “quick” and “limitless” and that patients are in-and-out.

“I make it so easy — there’s no runaround like with hospitals,” Cat noted. “I like to make sure they can take charge of their own health care. It’s important they know that there are other options out there and that I’m here to work with them.”

One advantage Cat noted is patients’ ability to make their own judgments about what is best for them. Patients can hear their results directly from Cat and can further decide what to do with the information given if any action needs to be taken. They can choose on their own to go to a hospital, seek treatment from a clinic, or even simply go home. Cat is happy to refer patients to a hospital or other health care practice when the need arises.

Cat recommends individuals get screened regularly. There are no risks, as the procedures are done without radiation. However, a preventive, routine screening can significantly impact and potentially save lives, as ultrasounds and lab work can detect issues that often have no warning signs or symptoms, such as carotid artery disease and early stages of cancer.

Prospective patients without insurance need not worry: Pinehurst Diagnostic Ultrasound and Lil Bo Peep work with patients who have insurance and those who do not. Currently, all forms of health insurance are accepted, including Medicaid. Those without insurance can self-pay, with low rates from $100 to $180 based on the type of visit with no additional fees.

In addition to her work at Pinehurst Diagnostic Ultrasound, Cat also owns and operates Lil Bo Peep, where she offers 4D, 5D (high definition), and 8K ultrasounds to expecting mothers, as well as gender reveals and blood work. She ensures her clients feel welcome and have fun, fitting in right at home in the cozy clinic.

In the near future, Cat and her team are adding additional lab equipment to expand the scope of their work even further and soon opening a second location in Pittsboro.

Pinehurst Diagnostic Ultrasound and Lil Bo Peep share a building, located at 375 SE Broad St. in Southern Pines and are open Monday through Saturday. For more information, please visit www.pdultrasound.com or call 910-690-6894.

Feature photo: Owner of Pinehurst Diagnostic Ultrasound and Lil Bo Peep Ultrasound Clinic, Cathy Stanley. Contributed photo.

~Written by Sandhills Sentinel Reporter Abegail Murphy.

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