Local home schooled students made a donation to Moore County Sheriff’s Office Animal Services last week.  While they were there, they received a tour of the facilities.

Animal Services announced on social media that the 32 students learned from Lt. Forrest Kirk the type of animals that are housed at the shelter, how the shelter cares for those animals, and how the staff comes up with the pets’ names.

Deputy Peanut on duty

The children were thrilled to meet Deputy Peanut while they were visiting.  Deputy Peanut is the shelter’s honorary cat whose job description is being a foster dad for troubled kittens, and he serves as the morale enforcer providing “support therapy” for the shelter’s human staff. 

Photos courtesy of Moore County Sheriff’s Department

The students collected needed supplies and donated them to the shelter which included cat litter, cat and dog food, and treats.

Moore County Animal Services said, “Animal Services is very grateful to all the young citizens of Moore County who help support our mission.”





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