Moore County Sheriff’s Office received a letter of apprectiation commending Deputy Carrie Fletcher. Together, Deputy Fletcher and Andy, from Pinehurst, helped rescue an injured dog on the side of the road.

Hello Sheriff Godfrey,

Recently, while I was driving home one night from work at Fort Bragg down 690, and I noticed a large dog on the side of the road that appeared to be injured. Soon after, I noticed a Moore County Deputy, later known to me as Deputy Carrie Fletcher. I was able to make contact with Deputy Fletcher close to the scene of the hurt dog, and I advised her of the situation. I was pleasantly surprised by Deputy Fletcher’s concern about the dog when I told her there was a hurt dog down the street, and it appeared to have been hit by a car. I really expected to have any Deputy roll their eyes and be like, “So, what do you want me to do about a hurt dog?” However, It was the opposite with Deputy Fletcher who was very concerned, not just for the dog, but for traffic safety on 690 as cars were slowing down to look at the hurt dog on the side of the road. 

Deputy Fletcher went out of her way to help me out as we went to the scene where the injured dog was and couldn’t walk. At that time, we found out Animal Control was not available, so Deputy Fletcher called for assistance, and then her and another Deputy went door-to-door in the area looking for the owner of the hurt dog. The owner of the hurt dog could not be found that night, so I drove the dog to the Vass Small Animal Emergency Services, and the dog’s medical needs were taken care of immediately.

Sheriff Godfrey, what I wanted you to know from this email is how much Deputy Fletcher helped save the hurt dog! Yes, we all wanted to help the dog, but it was Deputy Fletcher’s attitude from the start that really determined what was going to happen to the dog that night. If Deputy Fletcher would not have been concerned, I am sure I would have not been too. However, at the scene on the side of the road on 690, I noticed how concerned Deputy Fletcher was about the hurt dog, so I figured if she was going to be so concerned, then so would I. Deputy Fletcher didn’t just do her job that night, she went above and beyond by checking on the dog later that night at the vet, paid a lot of her own money to pay for the vet services, and later was also able to speak to the owner of the dog to straighten things out since the owner was young and could not afford to pay for the vet. Deputy Fletcher also continued to follow-up on the dog after it had surgery to remove the right front leg from the car hitting it. Please know that Deputy Fletcher’s concern, attention to detail, and leadership is greatly appreciated, reflects greatly on your department and Moore County. The dog, Zoey, is alive and well at the Moore Humane Society in Carthage now, and is awaiting adoption.

Thank you Sheriff Godfrey, and thanks for all you do to protect us,

Andy of Pinehurst, NC

If you are interested in adopting Zoey, Please contact Moore Humane Society at 910-947-2631.  

Zoey is a remarkable dog. Her heart is overflowing with love for people. Don’t let her breed,or her three legs be the reason she keeps being overlooked. She gets around just fine. Zoey is such a loving girl who will be your forever BFF. She will join you for a leisurely walk, or she will be your fellow couch potato. She prides herself in being the perfect lap dog. She’s been spayed, vaccinated, and she is ready for adoption. Stop by and meet this remarkable girl. She will make a wonderful companion for the family that just gives her the chance. Moore Humane Society is open 12-6 everyday except Wednesdays, and is located at 5355 NC Hwy 22 a few miles north of Moore airport. #TeamZoey #PitbullLove

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