O’Neal’s Model UN team recently traveled to Washington, D.C. to compete in the 5th annual AMERIMUNC conference at American University. Directed by veteran coach Woody Wilder, the 7-member team joined students from eleven states, Washington D.C., Canada, El Salvador and Egypt.

Students returned to O’Neal with the Outstanding Small Delegation Award. Andrew Martin won the Best Delegate Award in the Cabinet of China and Diplomacy Award. Jamie Wenzel and Téa Waldt received Verbal Mention for Peru’s representation in INTERPOL.

The conference started with opening remarks from Former Ambassador of Argentina to the United States, Cecilia Nahón. She referenced the inner spark that everyone has that is waiting to be ignited. She used SPARK as an acronym in explaining how most achievements of any individual are inextricably connected to other individuals.

This is the first time O’Neal has traveled to Washington for Model UN competition.


Jamie Wenzel and Téa Waldt receive Verbal Mention for Peru’s representation in INTERPOL

“I was impressed with the executive function our students exhibited over the four-day experience,” says Assistant Coach Heather Weeks. “The whole exercise was largely student-driven, and they managed everything from selecting the correct metro line, rather democratically choosing what exhibits to see at the Smithsonian, to backward planning in order to set an alarm at the appropriate time to grab bagels, dress professionally, and catch the right bus to their committee sessions. This is the best project-based learning I’ve seen yet.”

Model UN team members are Shamiso Kodzai, Sarah Massey, Sydney Maynor, Jamie Wenzel, Téa Waldt, Bella Miller, Andrew Martin, Head Coach Woody Wilder, assisted by Heather Weeks.

Feature photo: Front Row (L-R): Shamiso Kodzai, Sarah Massey Back Row (L-R): Sydney Maynor, Jamie Wenzel, Téa Waldt, Bella Miller, Coach Woody Wilder, Coach Heather Weeks, Andrew Martin.








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