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This year, Pinehurst residents and businesses expressed high levels of overall satisfaction with Village services in the annual Community and Business Surveys, with residents rating the Village as the highest in the nation in two areas.

The Village Council and staff use these survey results to assess the quality of services provided and identify key community priorities of citizens and businesses. These priorities, along with other information, are used to determine areas for potential service level enhancements each year in the Strategic Operating Plan.

Once again, Village residents indicated a positive perception of the Village and that the Village is moving in the right direction, with resident satisfaction levels increasing or remaining the same in 68 of 80 areas since 2013. In addition, the Village has rated at or above the Atlantic Regional average in 50 of 53 areas and at or above the U.S. average in 49 of the 53 areas that were compared.

This year, Village resident satisfaction levels were the highest levels recorded in two areas among ETC surveyed communities under 50,000 in population:
1. 91% satisfaction with efforts to prevent crimes
2. 90% satisfaction with landscaping in medians and other public areas

High priorities for improvement were identified based on resident importance and satisfaction levels. These included:

• Efforts at maintaining quality of neighborhoods
• Street and right-of-way maintenance
• Enforcement of Village codes and ordinances
• Level of public involvement in local decisions
• Ease of travel through the large traffic circle
• Adequacy of street lighting
• Availability of walkways
• Quality of stormwater runoff/management system

The seven-page DirectionFinder® survey was mailed to a random sample of households in the Village. Residents could complete the 15-20 minute survey by mail, phone, or online. The 716 completed surveys were tallied to produce a 95% confidence level in the results with a margin of error of +/-3.6%.

Jason Morado, Project Manager with ETC Institute, presented the findings of the Community Survey to the Village Council at their September 24 meeting. 

This year, businesses indicated high levels of satisfaction with the vast majority of Village services, with 100% satisfaction with the overall quality of life and 99% satisfaction with the overall feeling of safety in the Village. In addition, 93% of businesses would likely recommend the Village as a business location. The four-page survey was mailed to businesses in the Village and 80 completed surveys were included in the final survey results. 

Overall, Pinehurst residents and businesses have expressed high levels of satisfaction with the services provided by Village staff as they continuously seek ways to improve and enhance service levels. The Village Council and staff will use the key community priorities identified in the 2019 survey results, along with other information, to determine areas for potential service level enhancements in the upcoming annual strategic planning process.

Feature photo by Sandhills Sentinel Photographer John Patota.



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