Two semi-trucks overturn in two days

A semi-truck overturned at the intersection of Highway 15-501 and N.C. 211 in Aberdeen on Tuesday morning. Shortly after 10:50 a.m., first responders received a call alerting them to a wrecked semi-truck that was entirely on its side along the highway, having partly lost its load of wood mulch.

The driver was in the process of taking a right turn at the stoplight at the intersection of 15-501 and 211 in front of Circle K when the truck tipped over mid-turn. Determining factors are still being investigated at this time.

According to the Aberdeen Police Department, the driver declined transport by EMS and was able to stay on scene. He was the only occupant of the vehicle, and no other vehicles were involved.

Rockwell Towing arrived on the scene with heavy equipment to remove the vehicle from the side of the roadway. Traffic was diverted around the scene of the crash, but neither highway needed to be detoured. 

Another semi-truck overturned near Jackson Springs on Monday. The driver was airlifted to a hospital.

~Article and photo by Sandhills Sentinel reporter Rob G.

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