During March each year, FirstHealth conducts a Teddy Bear Fair for all first graders in Moore County.  The purpose of the fair is to provide children with information and experiences with health care processes.  Each participant receives a goody bag after attending the fair.   

Last Friday, members of Seven Lakes and Sandhills Kiwanis met at the FirstHealth Conference Facility to assemble 1,100 goody bags.  

“With the streamlined process that has been developed and refined over the many years of conducting this process and the help of many hands, the bags were stuffed and packed into boxes for each school in two hours,” said Jerry Sink with Seven Lakes Kiwanis Club.

Great effort by everyone who pitched in and shared fellowship and a donut after the task was complete.   

Ashley Atkinson is the First Health Coordinator.

The Teddy Bear Fair is March 18 through March 22.   

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