There is a new email scam currently going around Moore County with the scammers claiming that they have installed spying software on victim’s computer, and they have recorded footage of the victim watching porn by activating the webcam on their computer.

The scam has been sent to two Moore County residents on Tuesday, said Sheriff Neil Godfrey.

“The scammer states that in exchange for a bit-coin payment in the amount of $3,600 that he will keep the information confidential and promises to delete the recording immediately upon receiving payment allowing the victim to move on with his life as though nothing like this ever happened,” said Godfrey.

In order to get the victim’s password, it is believed that the scammer created some kind of program that obtains usernames and passwords from a data breach at a popular Website.

If you receive this scam email, you should simply delete it, change your passwords, and never send money in response to unsolicited emails or phone calls.

The sheriff’s department recommends calling your local law enforcement for assistance in determining if an email or call is legitimate.

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