Town to remove dying sycamore on Broad Street

The Town of Southern Pines approved 483 dwelling units for Morganton Park South at its council meeting on July 25. The proposed planned development is a mixed-use development.

The original proposed planned development requested 650 dwelling units.

Morganton Park South plans 700,000 square feet of retail space and 483 dwelling units on 98.5 acres.

In other business, an update on the Whitehall Masterplan shared upcoming public outreach efforts. An online survey will be conducted for two months to gather public preferences for the 157 acres adjoining Reservoir Park. Stakeholder interviews will be held, including interviews with environmental groups.

On Aug. 23, a presentation will be offered at the Douglass Community Center. The time has not been set. Architects will offer three plan options for the Whitehall property. Read about the property here. 

“This is really exciting,” Mayor Carol Haney said.  “I like how you are doing this because you’re getting input from lots, and lots, and lots of people. A gentleman called me up, an older gentleman called me up early on and said, ‘Don’t tard this up, mayor.’ We do have a lot of responsibility to make sure we do this right.”

The Town discussed its Sidewalk and Greenway Plan along Knoll Road, which connects Southern Pines to Pinehurst.

The Knoll Road path was estimated at $564,100 in 2014, with funding assistance from the Triangle Area Regional Planning Organization for Federal Transportation Alternative Program Funding.

After a recent engineering consult, it was found that the Knoll Road project budget for sidewalks increased around $389,000. An alternative plan to use asphalt with a 5’ wide concrete median to separate the road from the path would reduce the cost. The plan includes reducing the speed limit.

Mayor Pro Tem Paul Murphy said there may be grant funds to help with the path because there is a sociological perspective by connecting the two communities.

Other comments included concerns about speeding complaints and dropping out of the project because of the cost increase.

Also, the Town reviewed the wording of documents to be read by American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds’ auditors. The auditors rule on whether funds have been used according to the guidelines.

The Town was awarded a 2021 certificate of achievement for its financial report.

“That’s twenty-seven, twenty-nine years running,” Town Manager Tom Regan said.

~Written by Sandhills Sentinel Journalist Stephanie M. Sellers Contact her at [email protected].

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