Southern Pines announces discharge of untreated wastewater

The Southern Pines Town Council gave final approval Tuesday to an ordinance allowing certain kinds of alcohol to be served at outdoor events in the downtown area. The ordinance specifies that it is for outdoor events only, such as fairs, shows, concerts, and other similar events. 

The activities must take place on public property with a permit granted by the Recreation and Parks Department. The criteria for granting a permit include ensuring the safety of the public and ensuring that traffic and nearby businesses will not be disturbed. The permit may have conditions attached depending on the nature of the event.

The only types of alcohol permitted will be malt beverages and unfortified wine. The board was initially approached by a party interested in serving alcohol during Veteran’s Day events. 

The board also approved the next stage of the Caropines housing development. Bob Koontz of Koontz Jones presented a request for the next phase of the development. The plan, as approved, allows for up to 550 homes. This stage will bring the development up to 150 homes.

Chris Kennedy, Assistant Town Manager for Southern Pines, told the council that the plan was in compliance with the Town’s development plan, and the planning board had approved it 6-0 at their most recent meeting.

The Caropines is located on Airport Road, near Hardee Road.

After a brief discussion, the town board instructed staff to prepare a proposal that will be considered at the board’s next work session.

That work session is scheduled for October 28 at 6 p.m.

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