Southern Pines Police Department is increasing patrol cars in an attempt to decrease vehicle break-ins.

In a news release, the police department announced there has been an increase in car breaking and entering incidents in Southern Pines and surrounding areas.  The police are urging the community to “take additional precautionary measures to ensure the safety of their property.”

The vehicles that are being broke into have been unlocked and have had valuable items inside.

Southern Pines Police Department is requesting citizens to be “alert, aware, and prepared to be good witnesses” to help with the apprehension of the suspect(s).

If you see any suspicious vehicles, individuals, or activity, please contact the department at 910-692-7031 or by dialing 911.

Southern Pines Police Department is reminding the community that crime often increases during the holiday season and has offered prevention tips below.

~Park your vehicle under/near lighting, if available.

~Remove gifts/packages from your vehicle or place them out of view if you are unable to remove them.

~If shopping at multiple locations in the same area, consider moving your vehicle after loading purchased items into the vehicle. This gives the impression     that you are leaving, and discourages individuals from watching you load your vehicle, and then entering your vehicle when you return to shopping.

~ Lock all your vehicles doors even if you plan to be away for only a brief period of time.

~Do not leave valuables in your car. Firearms, computers, purses, and wallets are highly desired targets that are frequently stolen.

~Do not leave any “sign” that there might be valuables out of sight in your vehicles, such as docking stations, phone chargers or connector cables.

~Very few larceny from motor vehicle incidents are random. Thieves see something in plain sight that is valuable and they can quickly steal. Leave nothing      in plain sight that might make your vehicle worth investigating by a thief; not even loose coins.

~Remember, just “locking” isn’t enough. Keep your car off the target list of thieves by keeping all hints of valuables totally out of sight.

~Thieves often use flashlights to see through tinted windows. Do not think your dark tinted windows will hide your valuables.

 ~Set any alarm or anti-theft device if your vehicle has one.



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