An unexpected storm swept through Southern Moore County Sunday afternoon around 4:00 pm and left significant damage in its wake. Customers at the Food Lion on US#1 in Aberdeen huddled in the foyer while the wind outside whipped, and customers watched the large front windows move with the wind.  Staff moved everyone back at a safe distance when the wind increased in intensity and hail began pounding the glass. It is reported that rain came down at the rate of over 3 inches an hour. Significant flooding quickly enveloped the area, and a driver became trapped in their vehicle on Johnston Street beside Walgreens. The driver was able to get clear of the vehicle, and the vehicle was winched out of the rushing water by bystanders who had a large truck and winch. The gentleman can be seen in the picture going under water to hook a cable underneath the car, so it could be winched out. 

At the Burger King on US# 1, a massive tree fell on a white minivan; its branches fully engulfing the vehicle. Thankfully no one was in the vehicle at the time.  Throughout Aberdeen, Southern Pines, and Pinehurst, fire departments and emergency personnel responded to lightning strikes,  trees down, and damage to power lines.

Duke Progress Energy is reporting over 7,500 people are with out power from Aberdeen, Southern Pines, and even the Seven Lakes area.  They are reporting it may take until after 10 pm for all areas to have power restored. As always, our thanks go out to all the emergency personnel who go out in the storms to keep us safe.


note man in water in front of car
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