Student-Athlete Spotlight: Briana St. Louis

Briana St. Louis has no shortage of options. Slated to enter her senior year at Union Pines High School in the fall, Briana has made a mark in more than one sport. She runs indoor track in the winter, outdoor track in the spring, and, through 11th grade, has been a standout in soccer, also a spring sport.

Having decided to pursue track at the collegiate level, Briana is unsure if she’ll be back on the soccer team in 2025. She wants clearance from the college program she chooses before committing to another soccer season.

Either way, she’ll stick to her strategy for success.

“I surround myself with good people,” Briana said. “It’s the people around me. They always build me up.”

A participant in several track events, Briana prefers the 100-meter dash. Her best time in the race this year was 11.83, which established a record for Union Pines.

“It’s quick and short,” she said.

Briana, according to numbers from, also owns school records in the 200-meter dash and 400 meters. She established those marks outdoors but enjoys running indoors as well.

“I like indoor track because I get to run on a banked track,” Briana said.

Additionally, she cited not having to deal with weather-related factors as a plus.

While it’s still unclear if Briana will play soccer as a senior, her ability in the sport is unquestioned. Relying on data available at, she appeared in 13 games for Union Pines in 2023-24, finishing with seven goals and 21 points. In 19 games as a sophomore, she had seven goals and 26 points.

With outdoor track and soccer both taking place in the spring, Briana has had to do some juggling to participate in both sports.

“I go to track first,” Briana said. “If I have time, I go over to soccer.”

In the fall, along with focusing on academics, she plans on visiting colleges recruiting her for track. With that in mind, she stays prepared for the sport.

“Every Wednesday, I go up to Greensboro to train,” Briana said.

In Greensboro, Briana works with coach James Daniels. Her coach at Union Pines is Nat Carter.

“I just want to focus on my track career,” she said.

That kind of determination often leads to the meeting of goals, perhaps even the fulfillment of dreams.

“I’d like to go D1 (Division 1) — and to the Olympics,” Briana said.

In Texas, where she lived before moving to North Carolina, her team won the state championship in track.

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Feature photo: Briana St. Louis proudly displays her medals. Photo contributed.

~Written by Sandhills Sentinel reporter Dave Lukow. Dave has been honored as both a lyricist and screenwriter. Among other publications he’s contributed to are the Buffalo News, JD Journal, Beckett Hockey, Seminole Player’s Life, Poker Pro, Walmart World, and All In.

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