Three-vehicle wreck delays school traffic during rainstorm

On Wednesday afternoon, during a busy after-school rainy day, three vehicles collided in Southern Pines on Felton Capel Road heading toward the traffic circle.

The accident happened beside the Pinecrest High School football field just before the 25 mph speed limit sign shortly before 4 p.m. All three roads leading to the traffic circle were backed up while the incident unfolded.

A Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk, Jaguar P250 and a Toyota Corolla collided. 

The Jeep sustained heavy front-end damage, while the Jaguar took damage to both the front and rear of the vehicle. The Toyota Corolla sustained damage to the rear as well.

The Toyota driver and three other classmates in the car were heading back to school to pick up tickets for the upcoming prom on Saturday evening. The other two vehicles carried only one passager each. Air bags in the Jeep were deployed.

All involved refused medical attention and, fortunately, escaped serious injury.

Traffic cones were placed in one lane to stop traffic flow and let Southern Pines Fire Department clear the wreck from the road. Southern Pines Police also responded to the scene. All vehicles were removed from both lanes within 30 minutes, and traffic resumed as usual.

~Article and photo by Sandhills Sentinel Reporter Alex Juarez.


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