Town of Robbins awards fire department

Town of Robbins Manager Clint Mack and Mayor Cameron Dockery on Monday presented awards to the fire chief and fire department for their proficiency at a Christmas Eve fire.

Many Robbins residents will remember Christmas Eve 2022 forever.

A massive Christmas Eve fire in Robbins led to a multi-county response by fire departments. Sentinel/Patrick Priest.

“I got that text,” said Mack. “Not sure what it was, so I put my jeans on and headed to Robbins. As I was leaving West End, I saw the pillar of black smoke.”

Mack was referring to the fire at Holmes Building Systems on Plank Road. Holmes Building Systems has been one of Robbins’ primary sources of employment since the 70s. 

“Chief Brown is one of the youngest chiefs around but one of the most highly respected,” said Mack. “That day, he was in charge. He was a tactical expert and a technical expert. Everyone was coming to him; I thank you for your proficiency on that day.” 

Addressing members of the fire and police departments, Mack said, “It’s not every day you fight something that big, a commercial fire.”

Robbins has recently seen at least one other large fire that devastated the town. On Aug. 17, 2008, the Robbins’ textile mill burned down.

“The amount of people from our fire department and the other 17 departments showed the community and us why the culture of firefighters is so important, and I appreciate you all,” said Mack about all the fire departments that fought the blaze.

Mack presented Chief Timmy Brown with a plaque for his office to thank him for his dedication and professionalism. Once he presented Brown with his award, he addressed the members of the Robbins Fire Department and presented Brown with an award to the members.

“We genuinely appreciate you,” added Mack. “That business, or any business, is a big deal for our town. One job is a big deal; one hundred dollars of property damage is a big deal. We want to protect that, and you all are the ones that do it every day. We appreciate it very much.” 

Mayor Dockery spoke about how the fire department helped him in a snowstorm shortly after moving here six years ago.

“I appreciate all you do,” said Dockery. “You all do a lot of good in Robbins. You raise a lot of funds, not just for in-house, but for different projects. On behalf of the town, I thank you for all you do.” 

In closing the ceremony, Mack told members that the fire department is a pivotal part of the town of Robbins. “It’s amazing how many people have the priority to go to the academy so that they can volunteer,” said Mack. “That’s something we need to keep going for every generation. We need not just wear the T-shirt but be very good at what you do. Anything we can do to support that, I’m on board. Thank you all.”

Photo: Town of Robbins Manager Clint Mack presents Robbins Fire Cheif Timmy Brown with a plaque on Feb. 13, 2023, to recognize the fire department’s response to a massive fire at Holmes Building Systems.

Sandhills_Sentinel~Article and photo by Sandhills Sentinel Reporter Curtis Self.

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