Trace Armory Group leads the charge in self-defense training

In today’s world, personal safety and home security often seem more important than ever. For the Sandhills, Trace Armory Group has been providing essential self-defense training since 2010.

John Boyette, owner and lead trainer, combines military and security expertise to offer unparalleled instruction in practical defense tactics.

“With over twenty years of dedicated experience in self-defense training, particularly specializing in home defense tactics, I’ve had the honor of instructing over 1600 students since our establishment in 2010,” said Boyette. “Each training session benefits from this comprehensive knowledge base and focused approach, ensuring that every student receives the highest quality instruction tailored to their individual needs.”

As a U.S. Army Airborne Infantryman, Boyette has served 22 months in combat and peacekeeping operations, showcasing leadership and tactical prowess in some of the most challenging environments. His experience extends to over seven years as an Armed Nuclear Security Officer, where he has developed an understanding of high-stakes security.

According to Boyette, this extensive background informs every training session at Trace Armory Group, providing students with a combination of practical knowledge and real-world expertise.

Boyette outlined how Trace Armory Group is not just another training facility but a community that aims to promote safety, confidence, and preparedness. “I have had students attend a class and on the way home stop and get gas, then be involved in a use-of-force situation,” explained Boyette. “That is my guiding light, to train people with enough tools to use immediately after a class.”

At Trace Armory Group, the array of courses offered ensures something for everyone, regardless of their experience level. Each course is designed to be comprehensive, practical, and immediately applicable, ensuring that students leave with the confidence and capability to protect themselves.

“I have had a lot of returning students over the years,” Boyette recounted. “Many have told me that learning in the environment and atmosphere we create is positive and nonjudgmental. They feel free to ask questions and appreciate the level of patience we show as they learn, not tasks and techniques. ”

Boyette’s training is inclusive and caters to individuals with diverse needs. He has extensive experience with people who are deaf, have mobility issues, use wheelchairs, or are elderly. Trace Armory Group believes self-defense should be accessible to all.

Available courses often include but are certainly not limited to “N.C. Concealed Carry Handgun Permit Certification Course,” a “Defensive Pistol” course, “N.C. Handgun and Use of Force Law Training Class,” and “Develop a Home Protection Plan.”

Trace Armory’s classes go beyond the basics. In addition to these core classes, students learn various critical skills such as legalities, handgun safety, presentation techniques, mindset, and cleaning and maintenance of their equipment.

Recently, Boyette has started a sidebar of working with other industry professionals on peer-to-peer coaching. He helps other trainers develop and refine curriculum and human performance techniques.

At the end of the day, though, Boyette’s favorite part of the job is “to see the joy and engagement in the students when they learn they can protect themselves and loved ones effectively.”

For more information about their courses and to schedule training, visit Trace Armory Group’s website at

Feature photo: John Boyette, owner and lead trainer of Trace Armory Group, instructs a student/Contributed photo.

~Written by Sandhills Sentinel assistant editor Abegail Murphy. 

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