Thagard Lake dam replacement

On March 31, during a regular routine inspection of the dam of Thagard Lake in Whispering Pines, Dam Safety identified two areas of concern on the backside of a small section of the dam that warrant further investigation.

On April 4, village staff met on-site with the village engineer (VE), Dam Safety inspector, Cypress Pointe Fire Rescue dive team and SKS Solutions to investigate further.

An underwater drone was deployed, which enabled video, photo, and sonar reconnaissance to be collected. Based on the information collected, the VE has developed a plan of action that requires the water level on Thagard Lake to be lowered approximately 12” below the lip of the spillway.

The objective is to stop water from cresting the spillway, so the backside of the dam can be inspected without water flowing and repaired if necessary. The VE has shared the plan with Dam Safety.

To accomplish this process, public works staff has begun installing multiple siphons and will also be deploying two large pumps. Once again, the plan requires the water level to be lowered approximately 12” below the lip of the spillway. This process may take several months and will be impacted by weather.

Use of Thagard Lake will not be impacted by the drawdown. However, that is subject to change depending upon the conditions found, the scope of any necessary repairs, or other factors beyond control. Please direct questions to Village Hall at 910-949-3141.

Photo of Thagard Lake by Sandhills Sentinel Photographer Wendy Hodges. 


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