10-year-old Pinehurst girl wins art award

A 10-year-old student from Pinehurst recently won an art award in a Cricket magazine competition. Susanna Slusser received an honorable mention in the May 2021 Cricket League art competition.

For this contest, each entrant was asked to submit original artwork of a travel adventure.

Susanna’s name appears in the Cricket League section of the October 2021 Cricket magazine, and her art is posted at cricketmagkids.com/contests. Cricket features the best short stories, poems, and articles by the world’s finest children’s authors and is illustrated by the best artists from here and abroad.

In each issue, award-winning Cricket sponsors a different and unique writing or art competition, with hundreds of entries pouring in each time from enthusiastic cricket readers all over the world. Winners receive recognition and a certificate, and the best entries are published in the magazine and on its website for children.

Founded in 1973, Cricket is published by Cricket Media, also publisher of BABYBUG®, the magazine for infants and toddlers ages 6 months to 3 years, LADYBUG® for children ages 3 to 6, SPIDER® for ages 6 to 9, the nonfiction magazines CLICK®, ASK®, and MUSE®, and the COBBLESTONE® line of history and world culture magazines for young people.

Feature photo: Susanna Slusser’s artwork receives honorable mention in Cricket magazine.


Courtesy photo/Contributed.


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