1920 - 2020 Makes great birthday

Moore County resident, Warren Hunter Pardue, turned 100 on July 3 and celebrated each night that week. His entire family joined in the celebration, and three generations traveled from Florida to Pinehurst to commemorate.

The centennial party included a cake, a slide show capturing special moments and a surprise friend from years past along with his closest Pinehurst golf friends.

Attending family members included Warren’s son, Jeff Pardue, and wife, Sharon, and 30 friends.

Warren and his wife, Ella, of 63 years, lived in Dayton, Ohio for 27 years before moving to Pinehurst where they have resided for 34 years.

After service in the Navy and graduating from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1949, Warren had a 36-year career with National Cash Register (NCR). He was a director and medalist in the North South Carolina Seniors Golf tournament, with the lowest qualifying score. 

He acquired a pilot’s license ultimately attaining his instrument rating.

One of Warren’s fondest memories is the closing of World War II with orders to return home to the States. He was a USN/Air Corp radio operator on a PB4Ys submarine hunter, which is the Navy’s name for a B24 Liberator.

His fondest memory regarding family is the birth of his son when he celebrated by driving to Apex from Greensboro to tell his friends and have a drink or two.

Warren said the most surprising event he has witnessed in his lifetime was when he was 14 and attending something called bank night. They drew raffle tickets, and he won $25 which he used to purchase a bike, and he was “one happy camper.”

Warren and Jeff Pardue. Contributed photo.

Written by Sandhills Sentinel Journalism Intern Stephanie M. Sellers.

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