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Being a firm believer in therapeutic massage, I was excited with my latest assignment from Sandhills Sentinel, interviewing the proprietor of Why Knot Massage, Kat Woodall.

I got to know Cameron resident Kat Woodall and learned more about her healing work, which she clearly enjoys.

One of the things I enjoy most about working for Sandhills Sentinel is the opportunity I get to connect with small business owners.

I learned that Kat was born and raised in Moore County, and has been a massage therapist for the last nine years. She became a licensed massage therapist after working as an aesthetician for fourteen years and received her massage therapy training at Sandhills Community College.

Prior to opening up Why Knot Massage in Southern Pines, Kat worked previously at Massage Envy and Pinehurst Resort. She opened up Why Knot Massage in downtown Southern Pines two years ago.

For those not familiar with massage therapy, what is the biggest misconception people have about it?

That it hurts.

What is the most rewarding part of your work?

I’ve had people not be able to stand up when they first walk in. When they leave, they are upright and not limping, and they’re feeling better. To be able to have that ability is just amazing to me. To have the ability to help people with alleviating their pain. This isn’t a business you do to make money. This is why you do it. If you don’t have the passion to do it, you shouldn’t be in this industry. That is why I went into massage therapy, to help people.

Do you have a typical client? Who comes to see you for a massage?

I have a broad spectrum of clients. Some people come in with chronic issues. Others have been in car accidents, and I help keep them moving, and they need a massage on a regular basis. Others contact me when they have an issue come up.

What types of massage do you offer?

I offer hot stone massage and deep tissue. Basically, I customize a massage to each individual person. Not everybody is the same, so they don’t need the same thing.

Does insurance cover massage therapy yet?

I think they do, some do, but it has to be prescribed by a doctor, and it is covered in certain time intervals. However, I do not participate in billing any insurance companies. Some insurances will cover it, and some of the massage associations do have lobbyists, and they are trying to get insurance companies to cover it. Some of the teachers at Sandhills Community College could tell you more about that.

What are the benefits of massage therapy?

There are so many. Massage lowers your blood pressure, increases circulation, gets the lymph moving, and massage brings oxygen to an area that needs it and helps to facilitate healing. I’ve had people come off the table and say, “I did not expect that. This was awesome.”

For those interested in scheduling an appointment, Kat can be reached at (910) 315-2486. Her office is located at the Achieving Balance Massage Building, 575 SW Broad Street, Suite 13, in Southern Pines. Office hours are Tuesday – Saturday, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

For more information on Why Knot Massage, please click here.

During the COVID-19 crisis, Why Knot Massage is following CDC protocol by disinfecting massage tables and all surfaces in between each client. They will have hand sanitizer available for clients as well.

  Sandhills_Sentinel ~ Article and picture by Sandhills Sentinel Reporter Maggie Sergio.

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