Aberdeen tackles rezoning

At the Town Council meeting Monday evening, Aberdeen Town Manager Paul Sabiston presented an update on the old Aberdeen Elementary School property the town recently purchased.

The transaction closed on Dec. 20 of last year. At this point, the handover of keys and manuals for the mechanical plants has occurred. Currently, there are some remaining furniture and other items that the school district still has to pick up.

According to Sabiston, the current plan calls for repair work on the gym and auditorium for the town to use. The remainder of the property is currently being considered for mixed office space and 80-85 residential units. 

“We have a gym and auditorium in excellent shape. They will need some renovation, but they will be gems for the area they are in,” said Sabiston regarding his evaluation of the property.

The project is currently pending before the Planning Board and is scheduled for a later meeting.

“We will use the gym and auditorium and should be able to sell the rest to a developer and recoup some of the funds that the town spent,” said Sabiston.

After the Planning Board review, it will return to the Town Board for final approval.

“Aberdeen has just grown by 18.32 acres,” said Aberdeen Mayor Robert Farrell in regards to other meeting matters.

Spring Page Gawkowski and Johnsie Page Hubb submitted a voluntary annexation for two parcels near Park Road and Roseland Road. They are the heirs of the original property owner.

The land is in the town’s extraterritorial jurisdiction and is contiguous to the town’s borders and is subject to some specific review criteria under the unified development ordinance (UDO). The property is zoned R-10 (single-family dwellings).

According to Aberdeen Town Planning Director Justin Westbrook, the property meets the requirements of the UDO, including the signature of all property owners. The town has adequate infrastructure, and the property’s value will not exceed the value the town receives.

As of this time, the developer has not asked for a rezoning, but it is possible that could change in the future.

The motion passed unanimously.

Sandhills_Sentinel~Written by Sandhills Sentinel Reporter Chris Prentice. Contact him at [email protected].


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