Aberdeen grows a little larger

Aberdeen is a little larger after Monday’s town board meeting.

Lawrence Marks owns 1.85 acres on Roseland Road. He requested the annexation and rezoning from R-20 to R-10. R-20 requires 20,000 square feet lots, and R-10 decreases that to 10,000.

The rezoning also required a modification of the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) to single-family dwelling use types as a by-right permitted use in the Office and Institutional Zoning District.

The planning committee recommended approval.

In addressing the board, Aberdeen Planning Director Justin Westbrook explained that the rezoning aligns with the town’s UDO in that the adjacent area is R-10 and will enhance the residential areas.

According to the property owner, there are no immediate plans to develop the property. The rezoning will give more flexibility.

Currently, the town has a sewer easement running through the lots. This hinders developing the lots because you cannot build on an easement. The rezoning reduces the front setbacks by about 10 feet which increases the building envelope. The board approved the annexation.

The council also heard a presentation from Aberdeen Finance Director Bruce Watson. Revenue from personal property tax, motor vehicle revenue, garbage fees, and ABC revenue exceeded projected amounts substantially. The town’s revenue for the fiscal year ending May 31 is 5% higher than initially planned, totaling $16.2 million.

The recent demise of Internet Explorer has forced the town to update its software for permitting. The existing vendor is based on Internet Explorer. On June 15, Microsoft stopped supporting Internet Explorer, rendering the town’s software useless.

A search for a replacement product selected a program called Cloud Permit. The software is cloud-based, utilizes the latest technology, and is future-proof. The program cost is almost the same as the town has been paying, and updates are provided at no charge for the contract’s life. According to Westbrook, this will have a short learning curve and should improve service to the town.

The commissioners welcomed the fire department’s first-ever full-time female firefighter Monday night. Samantha Hinson was welcomed as a firefighter/EMT. Hinson received her certification from Sandhills Community College. Joining her were firefighter/EMT Kendell Watson and firefighter/EMT Nathan Pederson. Mayor Robbie Farrell welcomed them to “the finest fire department in Moore County. It is very difficult to find recruits, and we think we have three good ones.”

At the close of the meeting, Farrell reminded everyone the town’s Fourth of July celebration will start at 5 p.m. Monday.

Feature photo: Operations Chief Holmes (left), Firefighter/EMT Kendell Watson, Firefighter/EMT Samantha Hinson, and Firefighter/EMT Nathan Pederson. Photo via Town of Aberdeen.

Sandhills_Sentinel~Written by Sandhills Sentinel Reporter Chris Prentice. 

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