Aberdeen Mayor Robbie Farrell is running unopposed for his fourth two-year term as mayor. He talks, here, about where he’s been and his goals moving forward. 

How long have you lived in the area? All of my 71 years. My father was born here in 1910 on Main Street in Aberdeen. We go back a long way in this town.

How does your family feel about your run for office? I’ve got two grown sons – and they’re fine with it. My wife has been a great help. She represents Aberdeen well.

What’s your occupation? I taught school for 35 years.

What’s it like running again? I’ve had three two-year terms. I was unopposed the first time. I’m unopposed again.

What about Aberdeen makes you most proud? We’re a friendly town. We’ve got great neighborhoods. We’ve got a lot of working-class families. It’s a great place to live.

What’s an area that needs improvement? The police department (facility) is too small. It was built about 30 years ago. It’s got to be replaced. I also want to be mayor when we cut the ribbon on the new elementary school.

What are some priorities? One of the pending ones is the police department. We have to stay ahead of the growth, which is a challenge. Our growth is outpacing our services. We’ve got to keep up with the new subdivisions.

What’s a goal for the first 90 days of your new term? We’re going to have some new board members. There’s going to be at least two new people. We want to get them acclimated. Government moves slowly. There won’t be anything earthshaking in the first 90 days.

Early voting runs through November 1. The election is November 5. You can find more information on the Moore County Board of Elections website.

~Article by Sandhills Sentinel Reporter Dave Lukow.


Courtesy photo of Aberdeen Mayor Robbie Farrell.

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