The Aberdeen Police Department recently started a new program for its residents. The Welfare Check Program is a program designed to check on citizens’ well-being.  

Here’s how it works.

You fill out a Welfare Check form for you or a loved one.  The police will then call the person at the number provided two-three mornings a week to check on your well-being.  If the police do not get a response, they will call back a short time later.  When the police call back a second time and still doesn’t receive a response, an officer will stop by your house and check on you.

If the applicant goes out of town for any reason, you can call the police department, so they are not sending officers to your home when there is no response.

The Aberdeen Police Department said, “We are here to serve you, and this is another way that we can do that.”

There are several ways to submit the Welfare Check form.  

You may drop it off in person at 804 N. Sandhills Blvd.  If you can not get to the police department to drop it off, you may call at 910-944-9721 and a staff member will complete the form for you.

You may also mail the Welfare Check Form to P.O. Box 785, Aberdeen, N.C. 28315.

To print out a Welfare Check Form, please click here.

Photo contributed by Aberdeen Police Department


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