Moore County Sheriff’s Office Animal Services hires new Veterinarian Technician.

Marissa Alford joins the team to help our furry friends to be happy, healthy, and live a long life.  Alford graduated from Central Carolina Community College in 2010.  Her professional career started at a Small Animal Services Clinic where she gained experience and knowledge to transition to K2 Solutions in Southern Pines.  Before joining Animal Services, she worked at Vanguard Veterinarian Hospital in West End.

 “We are excited to have Marissa as part of the team.  Marissa brings a lot of knowledge and will do an outstanding job in her new position. It’s one more thing we can do at Moore County Sheriff’s Office Animal Services to provide the best possible service to our furry guests. Marissa adds a level of expertise that we have been without and I am thrilled about having her on our team” said Sheriff Neil Godfrey.

Some of Alford’s duties will include direct supervision of animal care attendants in matters related to medical and general animal care.  Alford will collaborate with veterinarians while maintaining security and records of medications and controlled substances among other responsibilities.

Since taking over Animal Services in February of 2017, Sheriff Godfrey reallocated positions within his Office in order to create a Veterinarian Technician billet.





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