BBB warns against increase in job scams amid pandemic

Better Business Bureau serving Eastern North Carolina (BBB) names the top ten businesses with the most unanswered or unresolved complaints during 2018.

BBB successfully closed 6,731 consumer complaints against businesses in Eastern North Carolina in 2018. Among those complaints, the following businesses accounted for nearly one-third of all BBB of Eastern North Carolina’s unanswered or unresolved complaints.

Zerofox USA: a veteran-owned and operated retailer located in Moore County selling custom apparel and outdoor gear has an “F” rating with BBB. In 2018, BBB received 27 complaints from consumers, all of which have gone unanswered. BBB has also received more than 4,800 inquiries on the company and nine one-star reviews from customers detailing their experiences with ZeroFox USA. 

BBB has attempted to contact ZeroFox USA on numerous occasions via phone, email and mail. Communications including mailings, phone calls and emails to the business have all gone unanswered since February 2018.

ZeroFox USA has their address listed as Juniper Lake Road in West End and was founded in 2014.

Consumer complaints include statements such as:

“I placed an order with Zerofox USA on April 24th 2018…I have not received [my] order, nor been able to contact company.”

“Placed order, never shipped. Wont Respond. But charged my card!”

“Purchased jacket never delivered. No response to inquiries.”

There are nine other businesses that made BBB’s worst companies list including one from Sanford.

Air Cleaning Equipment, Inc.: an air treatment company located in Sanford, specializing in dust collectors and humidifiers. In 2018, BBB received seven complaints against the business, all in regards to the humidifiers. The company has failed to respond to all complaints.

Epic Games: a Cary based gaming company behind popular titles as Fortnite and Infinity Blade had 233 unanswered or unresolved complaints and an “F” rating with BBB in 2018. A majority of complaints submitted to BBB deal with customer service and refund or exchange issues from the company.

Above & Beyond Roofing: this Raleigh based roofing company made headlines in late summer after being accused of scamming consumers of out more than $50,000. The owner was eventually arrested and charged with nine felony charges of fraud. BBB received seven complaints from consumers against the company, all of which went answered.

Thurbers Educational Assessment: a Chapel Hill based standardized testing company has five unanswered or unresolved complaints and an “F” rating with BBB. Most complaints deal with customers not receiving materials ordered. The company has been unresponsive towards customers.

Guardian Logistics Solutions: a storage and freight delivery company based out of Durham has an “F” rating and 11 unanswered complaints in 2018. The majority of the complaints submitted to BBB say the company failed to deliver their parcel in a timely manner.

Owl Lyft: a short-lived online retailer based out of Raleigh selling men’s workout and fitness gear. In just two months, BBB received 11 complaints against the business, all which went unanswered. BBB believes the company has ceased all activity, as their website is no longer in service.

Professional Fitness: a personal training and fitness center headquartered in Raleigh has nine unanswered or unresolved complaints and an “F” rating with BBB. Most of the complaints submitted to BBB deal with contract and billing issues, while other customers state they never received services paid for.

The Devil is a Lye: an online t-shirt shop based out of Durham, has failed to respond to all six complaints submitted to BBB in 2018. The majority of the complaints submitted to BBB state customers’ products were never delivered.

Tooth and Nail Cosmetics: an indie cosmetics company located in New Bern, has six unanswered or unresolved complaints and an “F” rating with BBB. The majority of the complaints submitted state they received damaged products or there orders were cancelled without explanation.

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