Carthage Planning Board discusses development

A full house was present Thursday evening for a Carthage Planning Board meeting. Among the items discussed was a rezoning from R20 to R10 for an already passed subdivision being built by developer David Chapman called Southbury. The R10 and R20 zoning refers to lot density, with R10 having a minimum lot size of .22 of an acre and R20 requiring .45 of an acre. 

A couple of board members were unable to vote. Board chair Chris Lassiter owns property adjacent to the development and recused himself. Board member Anton Sadovnikov’s wife had a car accident where a deer struck her car. According to reports, she was uninjured, but he left part of the meeting to deal with that.

Longtime Carthage resident and former Carthage Mayor for 13 years, Larry Caddell, spoke vehemently against the development, citing increased traffic and a lack of adequate entrances to the development.

“It is a ludicrous proposal, and I am totally opposed,” Cadell told the board. Several other residents echoed his concern.

With two members unable to vote on this matter, the board tied 2-2. A tied vote in a rezoning matter is considered not to have passed. Lassiter told Chapman’s representative that a conditional zoning (where the board can require specific conditions) might be acceptable. The original proposal was for a straight rezoning, limiting the board’s ability to impose conditions.

Another proposed Chapman development, Forest Ridge Phase 3, also had residents expressing concern. Residents of the area expressed concerns about the conditions of the roads, open spaces that are not being maintained, problems with septic tanks, black mold coming out of faucets and abysmal water pressure. “You want to run your dishwasher and do laundry at the same time, not going to happen,” one resident told the board.

Citing a desire for additional information, the board tabled the discussion until Dec. 16. Lassiter also instructed town staff to gather more information on the water pressure issues.

Addressing the crowd, he added, “David Chapman has a good record with the village, and we can work with him. This land will eventually be developed, and he is a good choice to do so.”

In other matters, Town Planning Director Kathy Liles reported that the planned development at Little River is still waiting for Moore County Commissioners’ approval. At this point, the town and board’s attorneys are working through some last-minute details. She hopes that the Dec. 16 meeting will resolve the matter.

Example of a wayfinding sign from the Town of Carthage.

Liles also presented a proposal for wayfinding signs. The word wayfaring is not in Webster’s dictionary, but it is an umbrella term to include signage and kiosks that help people navigate a space or downtown area. The project would consist of three phases and cost just over $100,000.

The special called meeting to discuss the rezoning requests will be Dec. 16, with the next town council meeting Dec. 20 at 6:30 p.m.

Feature photo: Members of the Carthage Planning Board at the Dec. 2 meeting.

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