Continuing it’s Petition Signing Campaign to end domestic violence and sexual abuse in North Carolina, CCFCA Breaking the Chains Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse will host a BTC Strategy Breakfast at HealthKeeperz Office located at 285 Olmsted Blvd, Suite 5 in the Vanderbilt Building, Pinehurst at 9:00 am on March 9, 2019 to implement it’s progressive “Plan of Action” for ending domestic violence, human trafficking and sexual abuse in the state of North Carolina.

Topics of discussion will be: How to identify domestic violence, human trafficking and sexual abuse, pilot violence intervention program and drug use in middle and high schools, mental health assessment for victims and offenders, understanding abusive and learned behaviors patterns, coalitioning with communities organization, schools and law enforcement to connect with victims who are often left in doubts of how to seek constructive help, CCFCA Breaking the Chains volunteers committees and membership, petition drive and fundraising.

There will a special presentation by Kym Nixon of Changing Destinies Ministry.

CCFCA Breaking the Chains Against Domestic Violence, Human Trafficking and Sexual Abuse is a non-political, non-profit diversified community organization whose mission is to educate youth, families and communities on understanding the negative impact domestic violence, human trafficking and sexual abuse has on our society regardless of race, age, gender, economic, or religious belief.

“To be sure domestic violence, human trafficking and sexual abuse does not discriminate, our plan of actions call for safe houses for victims seeking safe haven for a 24 months transition and human development period,” said Isaac Jenkins with CCFCA.

“Our program will uplift victims from despair to hope. We plan to integrate with school systems, churches,organizations and law enforcement in all counties to educate and enforce laws to protect victims, utilizing the Violence Against Women Act as well as the Family Violence Prevention Service Act signed into law by former President Bill Clinton and reauthorized by President George W. Bush. We’re inviting all who are concerned about the plight of victims and ending domestic violence, human trafficking and sexual abuse to attend.”

You may RSVP by calling (910) 474-2589 no later than March 2, 2019.

Invited panelists are: State Senator Thom McInnis, Aberdeen Mayor Robert Farrell, Moore County Sheriff Ronnie Fields, Congressman Richard Hudson, Helena Wallin-Miller, MC Board of Education President, Apostle Linda Ross, Sharon Armstrong, Director of Domestic Violence & Rape Crisis Center of Scotland County, Moore County
Commissioner Louis Gregory, Rev. Vivian Williams, Rev. Janice Martin, Rev. Ruby Lennon, Pastor at West Minister Presbyterian Church, Laurinburg, NC, Kimberly Vamper, Jackie Covington, Coaches Bobby Collins and Ken Spencer.

For additional information, please call (910) 474-2589.

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