E.R. Handyman Service makes it convenient for customers

Eduardo Reyna is a man of many talents. The owner of E.R. Handyman Service, Eduardo has been remodeling and repairing residential and commercial properties for more than two decades. Willing to take jobs of all sizes, he promises high-quality service that’s reliable and efficient.

Originally from Mexico, Eduardo got his start in the industry working for another contractor, who inspired him to go out on his own.

“He pushed me to start my own business,” Eduardo, a father of three, said. “He provided me with some contacts.”

While E.R. Handyman Service does have a website, Eduardo, like so many professionals, lets his work speak for itself. It’s a time-tested way to get clients.

“I get most of my customers through referrals from other customers,” Eduardo said.

The majority of his work is done in Pinehurst, but he’s happy to take jobs across the area.

“I work everywhere,” Eduardo, who lives with his family in Vass, said. “Wherever they call me from, I’m going to work.”

As noted at the top, he’s capable of handling a variety of tasks, something advantageous for his clientele. Instead of having to search for experts in different fields, Eduardo’s versatility makes him a one-stop shop for home and business owners.

“I do a little bit of everything,” Eduardo said. “Now, I’m doing porches, decks and some siding.”

Additionally, he paints houses, fixes small appliances and repairs leaks.

No matter what he’s hired to do, Eduardo has someone very close to him at his side.

“It’s just me and my wife,” he said. “She helps me.” 

Regardless of where he’s working or what the job entails, Eduardo has a core objective in mind.

“I want to turn something that may not look so good into something really nice,” he said.

When not working, Eduardo enjoys life in Vass, where his business is also located.

“I love it. It’s quiet. It’s nice,” he said.

For more information on E.R. Handyman Service, go to: https://kidcea.wixsite.com/erhandymanservice-4

Feature photo: Eduardo Reyna, owner of E.R. Handman Service. Contributed photo. 

~Written by Sandhills Sentinel reporter Dave Lukow. Dave has been honored as both a lyricist and screenwriter. Among other publications he’s contributed to are the Buffalo News, JD Journal, Beckett Hockey, Seminole Player’s Life, Poker Pro, Walmart World, and All In.

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