Fort Bragg is now Fort Liberty

On June 2, Fort Bragg was redesignated as Fort Liberty.

In the spring of 2022, an independent commission recommended a new name for Fort Bragg and eight other Army posts. Fort Bragg was chosen as Fort Liberty after the value of liberty.

The Naming Commission was tasked to provide Congress with new names for U.S. military bases and other Department of Defense assets originally named in commemoration of the Confederacy and its leaders.

The base was named in 1918 for Confederate Gen. Braxton Bragg. The U.S. Army stated, “Fort Liberty is the only base to be named after value rather than a person.”

The Fort Liberty redesignated ceremony was held on Friday. 

“The name liberty honors the heroism, sacrifices, and values of the Soldiers, Service Members, Civilians, and Families who live and serve on this installation,” announced the U.S. Army on Friday.

The commission visited the base in 2021 for listening sessions with military commanders and community leaders to gain feedback on their process, preferences for new names and an understanding of local sensitivities. A public comment period was also available on the commission’s website. 

Photo via U.S. Army.

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