Free mosquito dunks available to Moore County residents 

In an effort to help control the mosquito population in Moore County, the Moore County Health Department announced in a press release they will host mosquito dunk distribution events at the Moore County Agricultural Center located at 707 Pinehurst Avenue in Carthage on May 24 and May 31 from 2 to 6 p.m. both days.

The dunks will be provided free of charge while supplies last on a first-come, first-serve basis. Residents will be provided with two six-count packages of dunks per household to use individually on their property. Educational materials regarding personal protective measures against mosquitoes and other biting insects will also be available free of charge.

“Besides being a general nuisance, in some rare cases, mosquito bites can spread certain viruses that can make you sick,” says Interim Health Director Matt Garner. “Preventing bites is the most effective way to protect yourself.”

Mosquito dunks are products designed to attack mosquitoes in their developmental stages, more specifically in the larvae stage. A mosquito dunk works by being inserted into an area of standing water, where it floats on the surface and slowly releases a special bacterium, bacillus thuringiensis subspecies israelensis (BTI), which kills mosquito larvae before they can complete its life cycle.

This bacterium effectively kills mosquito larvae of all known mosquito species but is safe for humans, birds, fish and other wildlife. The dunks offer long-term protection and kill larvae for up to 30 days. Each standard-size dunk can treat up to 100 square feet of water surface, regardless of depth. Dunks may be used whole or broken into portions and applied to any source of standing or stagnant water where mosquitoes typically breed:

– bird baths – flower pots – rain barrels – roof gutters – tree stumps/holes – water gardens

– ponds – unused swimming pools – ornamental fountains – drains/ditches

For additional mosquito control tips and further information on safe mosquito repellent use, visit the Moore County Health Department website at


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