grand prize goddess

West End resident Marcus McIver recently won the Kohl’s Everyday Amazing Mom’s award after submitting his essay about his mother Doris “Goddess” Katrina Person. McIver’s essay carried a plethora of accolades for his mother who has cared for everyone in their family and beyond.

“My mom is so amazing because she took care of my grandfather who had cancer, she took care of great grandma who had Alzheimer’s and she also took care of my grandma who also had cancer and just died in May 2019,” McIver said.

Person is an active volunteer and works for churches and community organizations in the fields of battered women, cancer research, homelessness and elder assistance.

Person has lived in the childhood home and cared for her grandparents and parents and now cares for her son who attends Livingstone College in Salisbury, North Carolina.

Mother and son both work at Fox Hollow Senior Living Community in Pinehurst. Person works as a concierge, as well as a resident assistant and medical assistant.

Mother and son also work for Susan Alexander Truffles in Southern Pines.

“I can’t wait to make truffle-eggs in my new skillet,” Person said about one of her many gifts.

Kohl’s Everyday Amazing Moms featuring Hilary Duff awarded gifts valued over $500. McIver was also awarded a $500 gift certificate from the department store, and he gave half to his mother.

Written by Sandhills Sentinel Journalism Intern Stephanie M. Sellers.

Feature photo of Marcus McIver and Doris “Goddess” Katrina Person contributed.

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