Moore County Sheriff’s Department’s Inmate Work Program is saving Moore County $200,000 annually.

The program allows inmates to work at facilities such as the Rick Rhyne Public Safety Center, Animal Services, the Board of Elections, Carthage Court House, AG Facility, and roadside litter pick-ups.  The program must adhere to the Department of Public Safety and General Statutes by having the inmates work on county property and the inmates must volunteer and be vetted, according to Moore County Sheriff’s Office.

In exchange for volunteering, inmates may receive four days of time-served for every 30 days volunteering while gaining vocational skills that may be applied as they transition back into our communities.

 “It’s a win win for the Sheriff’s Office and Moore County.  By allowing inmates to volunteer, they contribute to our communities while gaining skills they can utilize when they leave the Detention Center.  Our inmates are another resource we can effectively use to address our many responsibilities at the Sheriff’s Office,” Sheriff Neil Godfrey said.  

For the first 11 days in August, the 13 participating inmates worked a total of 774 hours and cleaned/picked up 17.5 miles of highways and road ways with 127 hours spent cleaning up roads, 295 hours assisting in maintenance/cleanup, and 352 hours serving inmates meals and doing laundry within the Detention Center facility.





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