Have you ever wondered how Santa gets his information about you? How does he know what is happening right here in the Sandhills? 

Well, apparently Santa and his elves are friends with the Pinehurst Police Department. That’s right; Santa’s elves will even drop by the police department and pick up any letters for Santa. How cool is that? 

And while they are there, they get information on who should be on the naughty or nice list. All the magic happens right at the Pinehurst Police Department. Who knew?

From now until December 20, drop your letters to Santa in the special mailbox at the Pinehurst Police Department, 420 Magnolia Road, and police officers will send it to the North Pole, along with their official naughty or nice recommendation.

You’ll receive a return letter from Santa and a photo of our jolly friend with his helpers from the Pinehurst Police Department, so be sure to include your name and address on each letter.




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