Moore County Schools has announced they have received several inquiries from the community regarding the name of the Robert E. Lee Auditorium at Pinehurst High School.

In response to those inquiries, Moore County Schools released information on who the auditorium is named after.

“The auditorium is named after former Moore County Schools Superintendent, Robert E. Lee, who served from 1959-1985, and oversaw the racial integration of the schools throughout the 1960s as well as the consolidation and merger of several schools resulting in the opening of Pinecrest High School in 1969. He is highly regarded for his work during integration,” stated the school system.

The Moore County Schools also stated that Mr. Lee started his career in the area as a teacher at then-Aberdeen High School and was eventually promoted to the principal.

These remarks come after violent clashes erupted at a rally by people who were protesting the pending removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee in Charlottesville, Virginia, followed by a group of protesters toppling a Confederate monument in Durham.

There was a book written about the years Mr. Lee served as Superintendent called “Trending New Ground: The History of Moore County Schools 1959-1985.”

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