Southern Pines tackles parking and vandalism

The impact of the coronavirus on our community and country is unprecedented.

We are being advised to self-isolate and keep at least six feet away from other people.

Our federal governments has instructed the public to avoid gatherings of more than 10 people, and the uncertainty that is permeating has resulted in people hoarding food, toilet paper and other basic necessities.

Armed with panic and a fear of the unknown, people are taking more than they need, and not considering the needs of others in the community.

How do we change this trajectory of fear?

How do we remain safe and sane during this crisis, while supporting our neighbors, especially the elderly and infirmed? In addition to our local businesses, who employ us and provide us with vital services.

This is the challenge we currently face as a society. At Sandhills Sentinel, we believe that the citizens of Moore County will rise and meet this challenge, and we will come out stronger and more united as a result.

In the Interim – How to Support Local Businesses

Moore County Chamber of Commerce provided the following list of things we can do to help support our businesses during this critical time.

Call on the phone and place your order whether it is for food or a blouse. Many businesses have online shopping available or will be happy to take your call and ship or deliver something to you;

If you typically order products with local retailers later in the year, place your orders now;

For restaurants, order takeout or delivery and tip the same amount as you would dining in;

Buy gift cards to restaurants and businesses to use later;

Leave a positive review on social media to help promote the business;

Make a donation to a local non-profit that had to cancel or move their annual fundraising events

Local Restaurants

With Governor Cooper issuing an executive order banning dining in restaurants, our favorite eateries are being hit especially hard right now. As a result, many are now offering delivery and take out services.

Grape Leaf Bistro in Southern Pines offers online ordering through their website, or you can call ahead and place your order. Their staff will bring your food outside to your vehicle. Please remember to include gratuity as food service workers depend on their tips for survival. Deliveries can also be made through Doordash.

Hennings Taste of India is also offering take out service in addition to delivery service through Doordash, Grubhub and Ubereats.

Other restaurants offering take out and curbside delivery include Chef Warren’s, in Southern Pines, and Mac’s Breakfast Anytime, in Aberdeen, among a plethora of others.

If you want to know if your favorite eating establishment is offering take out or delivery, please call or contact them via social media. None of us in Moore County want to see our dining establishments close their doors as the result of this crisis. 

Supporting our Elders

The seniors in our community are considered high-risk for COVID-19 and will be isolated in their homes. You can practice social distancing while providing support by checking in with them with phone calls, emails and text messages.

If you are young and able-bodied and see senior citizens while out shopping, allow them to go ahead of you if you are waiting in line or offer assistance if you think it is needed. Many grocery stores including Wal-Mart and Dollar General are dedicating early morning shopping hours to seniors and those most at risk.

The staff at Sandhills Sentinel knows that these are unsettling times for all of us. It is the uncertainty that makes us feel vulnerable. However, it is this same vulnerability that makes us human.

This crisis is showing us that we are all inter-connected. We need to remember that this precarious time will pass, and what is being called for now is kindness and moving with an open heart.

Sandhills_Sentinel~Written by Sandhills Sentinel Reporter Maggie Sergio.

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