NCDOT Division 8 employees recognized after power grid attack

A thank you luncheon was held last week for NCDOT’s Division 8 employees who responded to the recent prolonged power outage in Moore County.

On Dec. 3, someone shot up two electrical substations in Moore County, leaving about 40,000 customers without electrical power for several days.

As a result of the attack, 150 NCDOT employees worked around the clock from Dec. 3-7 until power was restored. Staff were deployed to major intersections to provide visibility to drivers in the outage area.

Video provided by NCDOT.

NCDOT staff also made portable light plants available to law enforcement and provided traffic control so membership co-ops could expedite repairs.

NCDOT’s presence enabled law enforcement and other first responders to tend to other calls for help.

On Feb. 2, state Transportation Secretary Eric Boyette, Board of Transportation Member Lisa Mathis, North Carolina Sen. Tom McInnis and Duke Energy staff thanked the NCDOT employees for their service after the power outage.


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