Board approves bus driver recruitment, retention pilot proposal

The Moore County School Board approved the school bus driver recruitment and retention pilot proposal at its Feb. 13 regular business meeting.

During the discussion Monday evening, Executive Officer for Operations Jenny Purvis presented a brief review of operations and an in-depth review of the transportation system. Purvis briefly reviewed the Feb. 6 presentation on all operation systems and is viewable here.

For the rest of the school year, drivers with perfect attendance each month will receive a $50 bonus. Dual-employee drivers who drive morning and afternoon routes will receive an additional $10 daily. The state-mandated wage for bus drivers is $15 per hour.

The main transportation problem was identified as poor communication between parents, administration and bus drivers.

Poor mapping is due to no updates in the last five years, and capacity in buses was incorrect, so the geographic information system will provide updates.

The operations team is brainstorming creative solutions to achieve different results, such as combination routes with elementary and middle schoolers, and middle schoolers and high school students.

Purvis listed the following transportation concerns and updates:

*Door-to-door service creates long bus rides, so buses may use community stops;

*Garage efficiency needs improvement for timely repairs and to prevent breakdowns;

*Set new protocol to include 24-hour response for phone calls;

*Set up new professional development for drivers;

*Provide updates for the transportation information management system;

*Conduct more bus driver meetings for feedback;

*March 7, 14, and 27 community input meetings for parents on bus concerns will help guide solutions;

*Next week, drivers given 30 minutes more pay each week for email correspondence and updates on new computer kiosks.

*Seeking part-time office help for transportation communication.

*Drivers-ed has a new director, Andrea Amorose, and she created a new pay scale.

Please click here to watch the school board’s video to learn about other topics discussed.

~Article written by Sandhills Sentinel Journalist Stephanie M. Sellers. Contact her at [email protected].

Photo/Sandhills Sentinel.

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