Following a trend in the county, North Carolina teachers from across the state gathered in Raleigh Wednesday for a second straight year to call attention to issues affecting children and their education. 

More than 20,000 teachers, all dressed in red, many holding signs, marched down Fayetteville Street to the State House in what the North Carolina Association of Educators (NCAE) called ‘Day of Action’. 

Are their calls being heard?

The NCAE organizers think so. They point to the recent election of pro-education House and Senate members, gains in education funding and increased teacher pay following the march last year.

North Carolina teachers marched the streets of Raleigh on Wednesday.

This year, teachers are marching for additional funding for school librarians, psychologist, social workers, counselors and nurses, among other programs that benefit children.

Lowell Simon, of Seven Lakes, candidate for NC House, supported teachers by making the trip to Raleigh. 

“I marched today to support public education and public educators.” Lowell said. “The Republican led General Assembly has, for years, continued to de-fund public education in favor of privatizing education and turning it into a for-profit business. At every opportunity they throw another little bone to the public school systems in the hope that it will be enough to shut them up. Today demonstrated once again that teachers won’t leave their students behind without a fight.”

31 counties across North Carolina closed schools so teachers could attend the march. Moore County Schools remained open.

    ~Written and photos by Sandhills Sentinel Reporter/Photographer John Patota. 

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