NPS releases study to help save Pinehurst NHL district's historic character

The National Park Service (NPS) released on Wednesday a comprehensive study to help guide future preservation of Pinehurst’s National Historic Landmark District (NHL district), recognized for its extraordinary role in the development of the sport of golf and resort communities and its association with golfer and golf course designer Donald Ross.  

The objective of the study, conducted by Richard Grubb & Associates, Inc. on behalf of NPS, was to document changes that have occurred within and adjacent to the district since its NHL designation, analyze the district’s current integrity as compared to when it was designated, identify threats to its integrity, and recognize preservation successes.   

Despite the changes to the landscape and buildings over time, the study found that the Pinehurst NHL district retains a high degree of integrity. However, this assessment revealed potential areas of concern, including the need to address traffic management and pedestrian safety in a manner consistent with the historic character of the Pinehurst NHL District.    

“The Pinehurst National Historic Landmark District remains an outstanding example of American history and culture,” said Ellen Rankin, a historian with the National Historic Landmarks Program. “It also faces serious preservation challenges. With the information collected in this study, the community can better understand and protect the district’s unique character that makes it significant in American history.”  

NPS will continue to monitor the Pinehurst NHL District and welcomes new information concerning the issues identified in the study.   

Rankin said, “The NPS will continue to follow proposed projects that may diminish the integrity of the Pinehurst NHL District. We have recommended several steps to improve the overall health of the district, such as updating NHL documentation to include resources built after 1948, which are significant to the history and developmental story of Pinehurst. We look forward to assisting the community as it continuously works to achieve its preservation goals.”  

The public may learn more about the Pinehurst NHL District Study by visiting In addition, the NPS will host two public presentations in Pinehurst on Feb. 6 at 6 p.m. and Feb. 7 at 1 p.m. at Pinehurst Village Assembly Hall, 395 Magnolia Road.   

Photo of Village of Pinehurst by Sandhills Sentinel Photographer Melissa Schaub.


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