Pinehurst Medical Clinic and Moore County Sheriff’s Office Collaborate for the well being of the community. Moore County Sheriff Neil Godfrey provides File of Life Kits to the Wellness Department at Pinehurst Medical Clinic.

The File of Life Kit is a valuable resource for home use to increase the level of safety, and it compliments Pinehurst Medical’s mission of ensuring patients have valuable tools that will assist them in their time need.

When there is a home medical emergency, First Responders will have access to critical information on the patient because the kit is a magnet that is placed on the refrigerator for easy access.  The Wellness Department staff at Pinehurst Medical Clinic collaborates with their patients in filling out all appropriate information, and how to implement safety guidelines in their own homes.

“It’s very simple, but at the same time it has the power to save lives in order to decrease the number of preventable deaths, said Sheriff Godfrey, and we are appreciative for our partnership with the Wellness Department at Pinehurst Medical Clinic, and for their help in this cause.”

In order to acquire your own File of Life Kit, please contact the Sheriff’s Office at (910) 947-2931, or visit the Wellness Department at Pinehurst Medical Clinic.

Pictured in photo (left to right) Donna Pryor, Melissa Kuhn, Sheriff Godfrey, and Connie McDermott.

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