Pinehurst took a look at the future of the village. A combined meeting of the Pinehurst Planning Board and Town Council Tuesday received their first look at the 2019 long range comprehensive plan.

The key theme is to retain the small-town feel and rural feel of the village. The purpose of the plan is to ensure the village’s annual strategic operating plan aligns with the vision of the long-range plan.

The seven guiding principles of the plan was to:

1. Maintain the Villages Character and Authenticity
2. Balancing Conservation and Growth
3. Places to Live
4. Moving Around the Village: Transporation, Mobility, and Parking
5. Taking Care of Business
6. Supporting Infrastructure and Facilities
7. All Things Green: Parks, Open Spaces and Natural Resources

The plan has been developed over a year, including several drafts and several opportunities for the public to comment. Almost 6,900 individuals left comments either online or in-person on the plan. This input, as well as comments from the council, were taken into account in preparing the final draft of the plan.

The goals of the comprehensive plan are to:

1. Reinvigorate the village center by developing a thriving arts, cultural and entertainment market to create a “Gold by Day, Arts by Night atmosphere.
2. Seek ways to minimize traffic congestion throughout the village.
3. Become a digital village and a premier destination to “Live and Work from Home” with expanded high-speed internet and wireless infrastructure.
4. Rewrite the Pinehurst Development Ordinance to promote high-quality development in the future.

In the discussion following the presentation, it was pointed out that this was a living document that will need to be updated every 8-10 years with a presentation to the village council on a yearly basis.

You can view and download the entire plan here.

There will be two public hearings scheduled to allow the public to give their input on the final draft.

Feature photo of Village of Pinehurst by Sandhills Sentinel Photographer John Patota.

Sandhills_Sentinel~Written by Sandhills Sentinel Local News/Government Reporter Chris Prentice.
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