The Southern Pines Police Department is currently conducting a search in the area of FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital for a prisoner that escaped while at the hospital for treatment on Monday night around 9:15 pm, according to a news release.

The prisoner is identified as Vinton Nation, a 28-year-old black male 5’9” weighing 160 pounds. This suspect was wearing black jeans and a hospital gown. The suspect was still handcuffed.

According to the news release, Vincent Nation is not believed to be a threat to the public, but if you see him or know where he is do not approach him and call 911.

This suspect was in custody for two outstanding warrants, one for credit card fraud and the second for failing to appear in court, according to Southern Pines Police Department.

Vinton Nation’s last known address was on South Hardin Street in Southern Pines.

The Southern Pines Police Department news release stated that family, friends, and associates of Vinton Nation who shall conceal, hide, harbor, feed, clothe, or offer aid and comfort to Vinton Nation, in violation of NCGS § 14-259 “Harboring or Aiding Certain Persons” is subject to arrest for a Class I Felony.

Further information will follow when it is released.



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