Robbins Police Department sees uptick in arrests for March

A Robbins Police Officer saved a man’s life Sunday. At approximately 12:26 p.m., a vehicle arrived at the Robbins Police Department requesting emergency aid. A frantic male subject advised another male subject was unconscious in the back of his vehicle due to drug use.

Lieutenant Jody Dunlap quickly jumped into action by requesting additional emergency responders and retrieved his Naloxone (Narcan) kit from his patrol vehicle. Lt. Dunlap assisted with removing the unconscious male from the vehicle in order to begin life-saving measures.

Lt. Dunlap immediately began CPR after determining the male subject was not breathing. Lt. Dunlap continued CPR efforts and administered a dose of Naloxone. After further CPR efforts and not receiving a response from the initial dose of Naloxone, Lt. Dunlap administered a subsequent dose of Naloxone. Lt. Dunlap continued CPR efforts after two doses of Naloxone, and the male subject started to breathe as he regained consciousness. Lt. Dunlap kept the male subject stabilized until EMS arrived on scene.

The subject was transported to Moore Regional Hospital where he was eventually released and is now recovering. The individual’s names have been withheld at their request out of respect for privacy.

“The Robbins Police Department would like to thank the Sandhills Opioid Response Consortium for their recently formed partnership in May of 2020,” said Robbins Police Department in a press release. “As part of this partnership department staff went through Stigma and Language Training as part of the agreement to receive Narcan from the consortium; and provides feedback after Narcan is used which provides vital data for our communities. This partnership was a top priority for Chief Lawson Thomas upon taking over as Chief of Police as the department did not have Naloxone.

“This partnership allows the department to receive Naloxone at no cost to the Town and provides many beneficial resources for those in opioid addiction and/or recovery. Naloxone is an extremely imperative tool for emergency responders to have in today’s environment, with much of our nation fighting the opioid crisis. We are thankful to have this vital resource here in Robbins. The Robbins Police Department would like to thank Moore County Public Safety for their assistance as well as conducting training involving the procedures and administration of Naloxone, and thank Robbins Fire/Rescue for their assistance. We are extremely proud of the swift life-saving action by Lt. Dunlap and thankful to have had the resources necessary to best serve the citizens of our town.”

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