Imagine Youth Theater, a local nonprofit children’s theater program and a division of Gary Taylor Dance, recently held a masterclass “Professional Auditions for Today’s Musical Theater,” with Broadway Producer Morgan Sills.

Over the two days of this upper‐level masterclass, students worked in an audition‐like setting with live accompanist Alan Daubenspeck, while Sills worked one‐on‐one with each performer to help bring their audition pieces to the next level.

Sills, a Moore County native, is a Manhattan-based producer/director who continues to work on and off‐Broadway, on television, on tour, and in regional theater all over the country.

His NYC credits include “Of Mice and Men” (Broadway, with James Franco and Chris O’Dowd), “Party Face” (with Academy Award-winner Hayley Mills), “Shear Madness, The Two‐Character Play” (with Tony and Emmy-winner Amanda Plummer and Golden Globe winner and Oscar nominee Brad Dourif).

Sills grew up in Aberdeen and attended Moore County Schools. His success is a beacon of hope for these students.

“It is wonderful to have Morgan Sills here teaching this class,” said student Callie Brielle McIntyre. “He is a Pinecrest alumni and shows us that someone from this area can make it. It gives you hope that with hard work, we can too.”

For Sills, his early attempts at auditions were not always easy, and he hopes to help others to be better prepared. His first professional audition was for Camelot.

“I remember standing in line to audition,” said Sills.  “I could hear the other people singing for the audition and thinking oh my gosh. I am going to have to get better at this if I am going to be competitive.” That led to Sills going to classes to learn better auditioning skills just like the students he taught for these classes.

The masterclass was designed to give students the tools they need to walk into a professional audition. The students need to understand what to wear, how to sing, how to walk and interact with the accompanists. In an audition, you have a very short period of time to show them what you can do. It is critically important to be prepared and understand the process.

“It is very meaningful to return to Moore County and teach these students,” said Sills. “They were all so eager and willing to learn. They are getting excellent training in their high school programs, and it was an honor to work with them.”

Twice a year, Sills bring Broadway quality theater to Moore County with Judson Theatre. As executive producer, Sills has worked with 18 stars of stage and screen over the past eight years.

Recent directing credits include “Forever Plaid,” “Wait Until Dark,” “Steel Magnolias” and “Plaid Tidings” at various theaters nationwide. During his 15 years as a professional actor, Sills appeared on stage and on television in a myriad of plays and musicals.

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