A Southern Pines couple won a college scholarship for naming their newborn baby after Kentucky Fried Chicken founder,  Col. Harland Sanders.  No one is trying to pull your leg.  It’s true.

Anna Pilson and Decker Platt already have a college fund started for their baby, Harland “Harley” Rose, who was born on September 9.

KFC announced in August it was offering an $11,000 scholarship to the first baby named Harland born on September 9 after Sanders.

Harland Rose (Photos courtesy of KFC)

September 9 was Sander’s birthday, so KFC decided to offer the college scholarship to recognized what would have been Sanders 128th birthday.  Why $11,000?  The amount represents the restaurants famous 11 herbs and spices used in its fried chicken recipe.

KFC announced Wednesday Harland Rose the winner who born at 8 pounds, 1 ounce and 21 inches long.  

Since the name Harland is declining in popularity, Andrea Zahumensky, chief marketing officer for KFC said, “We couldn’t just stand idly by,” said KFC. 

A coworker told Anna Pilson about the contest 10 days before Harland Rose was born.  “The name we originally picked out was Halston, and when I heard the name Harland for the contest, I was sold immediately,” said Pilson.

Pilson thought her original due date was September 17. But at her first  doctor’s appointment, Pilson was told she was measuring eight days early which meant her due date was September 9 all along.

“The craziest part was Harland Rose was born at midnight on the dot, so we knew we had a good chance of winning the contest,” said Pilson. “We were going to name her Harland regardless though because we loved the name that much.”

Pilson said one day they will tell their daughter the origin of her name.

“We are absolutely going to tell her how she got her name,” said Pilson. “It’s hilarious but also awesome at the same time.”








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