The Moore County Citizens’ Pets Responsibility Committee (MCPRC) recently partnered with the O’Neal school with their six-week course on Pet Responsibility. The goal of the Pet Responsibility Program is to create solutions to the pet overpopulation crisis in Moore County. 
During the six week course at O’Neal, fourth-grade students had an opportunity to write an essay for a chance at winning a certificate for their pet to be spayed or neutered. The Speuter Story Contest helps students understand how their pets can multiply if they are not spayed or neutered.
At the end of the unit, “Speuter” the dog visited and announced the Speuter Bowl Essay winners.
The winners were Lauren Goodridge and Taylor Graves.  Lauren’s new puppy, Marley, will be altered at the Spay Neuter Veterinary Clinic thanks to funding from the Moore County Kennel Club. Taylor announced at the award ceremony that he worked on his essay during his recess time because it was important to him.

During the award ceremony, the students were treated to a special presentation from Suzy Lutz, executive director of Continuing the Mission, a nonprofit organization.  Continuing the Mission trains service dogs for Veterans suffering from PTSD.  Maya, a service dog in training, demonstrated the skills she has learned to the O’Neal students.

Suzy Lutz introducing Maya, a service dog in training

Mrs. Lutz kicked off a new service learning project for the students by giving them a wish list that the students and the school will fulfill for a new service puppy in exchange for Mrs. Lutz to come back several times during the year so the students can see the dog’s growth and progress.

To learn more about Continuing the Mission, please visit, or to learn more about MCPRC please visit


*Courtesy photos from O’Neal School


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